About Us

A leading light for institutional and international investors

Intermonte is the key independent investment bank for Italian SME and institutional investors

  • Market leadership: Intermonte is the go-to investment bank for Italian SME and institutional investors, thanks to leadership in various business areas that support listed and unlisted companies
  • Diversified business mix: the equilibrium stemming from 4 diversified business lines (sales & research, investment banking, global markets, and the digital channel) make for balanced revenue growth
  • A key partner for Institutional investors: Italian market research, brokerage and investment solutions, market access via the global markets division make Intermonte the ideal partner for over 450 institutional investors

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  • A unique positioning in fintech: Intermonte pioneered Italian fintech in 2000 when it set up Websim, its digital division for retail investors. TIE – The Intermonte Eye, a dedicated channel for Financial Consultants, recently joined Websim to create the Digital Division. Intermonte databases contain over 50,000 retail client profiles and details on over 20,000 Financial Consultants
  • Shareholder-managers model breeds success: the day-to-day involvement of Intermonte partners in the business makes for a focused and solid management team
  • Exceptional profitability and capital strength: since its foundation in 1995, Intermonte has consistently delivered profits and dividends for its shareholders. Core Tier 1 capital strength puts it a long way ahead of other Italian financiers
  • Strong positioning and growth potential: Intermonte’s unique position between markets and companies gives it enormous potential to develop investment banking, paving the way for capital market access and consultancy for medium-sized Italian firms

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