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Sustainable finance partner

Intermonte works with the Italian Stock Exchange in the Sustainable Finance Partnership to create an integrated eco-system for Italian capital markets that is capable of facilitating development of innovative solutions for Sustainable Corporate Finance.

Together with a select group of partners, the Italian Stock Exchange promotes a culture of innovation in the realm of Sustainable Corporate Finance through dedicated content, specific instruments, and networking opportunities for all market participants.

The partnership, formed in January 2021, unites Intermonte and 24 other entities with the common aim of making an innovative contribution to the growth of sustainable capital markets in Italy. The partnership is based on comparing experiences and sharing expertise. The essentially interdisciplinary approach of the various partners enables coverage of a wide range of facets of the sustainability of financial markets, along the entire financing and investment chain.



Intermonte - Green is the new gold
An in-depth report on the implications of approval of the Next Generation EU plan for Italian listed companies, with analysis of the expected impact on investments in individual sectors.


July 2020 - Sustainability Report - Green is The NEW Gold_First Version -->

July 2020 - Sustainability Report - Green is The New Gold_Update -->

March 2022 - ESG May Soon Regain Momentum - Green is The New Gold Series -->


Intermonte and Milan Polytechnic – Benchmarking of ESG communication strategies of mid/small caps listed on Borsa Italiana
The research analyses a significant sample of listed Italian SME to assess the quality and completeness of information provided for ESG investors. The objectives are also to raise awareness among SME on making ESG disclosures and to highlight critical points still to be addressed.

Benchmarking of ESG communication strategies of mid/small caps listed on Borsa Italiana -->

Politecnico di Milano

As a leading independent Italian investment bank, Intermonte SIM launched a partnership with the Milan Polytechnic School of Management aimed at developing various research projects on the Italian equity market.

Careful analysis by the Polytechnic along with Intermonte’s awareness of market issues should help shed light on events, behaviour and trends involving many stock market participants.

Intermonte Research Notes, realised in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic, are publications that tackle issues of interest for the market. The fifth and latest issue was presented in January 2021 entitled “Benchmarking of ESG communication strategies of mid/small caps listed on Borsa Italiana”.


Intermonte Sim partnership with QCapital: an innovative Club Deal initiative to invest in Italian-made excellence
Through this partnership, which bring together Intermonte’s leadership in the small cap market with QCapital’s experience in the world of private equity, an innovative project has been set up to apply the Club Deal mechanism to the public market with the aim of investing in minority stakes of listed or pre-IPO Italian companies.

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