Complaints - Securities and Financial Ombudsman (ACF)


Any complaints with regard to the provision of investment services by Intermonte SIM must be presented in writing, either by post to Intermonte SIM, Galleria De Cristoforis 7/8 – 20122 Milano, via email to:, via certified email (PEC) to: or via fax to 0277115304.

Securities and Financial Ombudsman (ACF)

With resolution no.19602 of 4th May 2016, CONSOB formed the Securities and Financial Ombudsman (Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziara – ACF), which started operating on 9th January 2017.

The ACF rules on complaints alleging the intermediary has failed to fulfil its obligations in terms of diligence, fairness and transparency of conduct and information as defined by the regulations for the provision of investment services.

Complaints between a retail investor and an intermediary may be submitted to the ACF, as defined in the ACF Regulations [article 2, paragraph 1, sub-paragraphs g) and h)]

The ACF therefore intends to provide investors that have presented unsuccessful complaints to financial intermediaries with an alternative avenue that can resolve complaints quickly and effectively, without having to pursue legal redress.

Submitting a complaint to ACF is free. The complaint can be submitted online through the ACF website. The investor needs to register on the site, and upon receipt of the appropriate credentials can access the reserved area and present its complaint.

The right to resort to arbitration (ACF) cannot be waived by the investor and can always be exercised, even if the investment contract between the investor and intermediary contains clauses that direct dispute resolution to other bodies for out-of-court settlements.

Intermonte SIM S.p,A. adheres to ACF arbitration procedures and ensures that any complaints received from its retail clients will be assessed in light of the guidance that can be inferred from past ACF decisions. Moreover, if resolution of the complaints cannot be achieved, whether wholly or partially, the investor will be provided with the necessary information on the method and timescales for presentation of the complaint to ACF.

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