Digital Division

Intermonte has a digital market presence through two brands: Websim, for retail customers; and TIE, The Intermonte Eye, for Financial Consultants.


Websim was the first Italian example of Fintech; the brand has been on the market for over 20 years. Through is recently revamped website and app, Websim provides consultancy on financial markets directly to retail customers (B2C) and through providing content for numerous e-banking platforms (B2B2C). The division uses the work of the Intermonte Research Office to which it adds top-down, technical, and market newsflow analysis.

logo TIE

Since 2019, TIE - The Intermonte Eye has worked alongside Websim to provide analysis for the world of financial consultancy. In collaboration with numerous issuers, investment solutions are researched, selected or created to help financial consultants optimise their work.

The division provides content through the main digital channels: its own sites and apps, client digital platforms, and social media. Content is made available in written format and through podcasts and videos. Webinars and training material are put together for our clients, who can also make use of a significant database built up by Intermonte over more than 20 years, which contains 50,000 retail customers with interest in financial markets, and over 20,000 financial consultants.

The gender balanced team of 10 who work in the Digital Division has an average age below 40 and comes from highly diverse educational backgrounds. Economics graduates with wide-ranging experience in financial analysis and management work alongside humanities professionals and young experts in digital communication.

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