Intermonte Advisory and Management Intermonte know-how for active fund management via a range of products and services from a team of experienced, professional fund managers:

  • Intermonte Flexible Europe SICAV: a harmonised fund with a long track record of investment in a dynamic, high-flexibility European stocks and bonds profile
  • Specialised mandates for institutional clients: mandates for management of SICAVs and funds featuring strategies typically focused on eurozone/Italian equity or corporate bonds.  
  • Wealth management, bespoke management mandates: management of funds with differing risk profiles for professional private investors or institutions
  • Specialised private banking/financial promoters (private banking, financial promoter networks, treasury, asset management) via our customised consultancy services: these include reports on international markets (dealing with forex, commodities, rates and equity markets, with treatment of matters of particular import/impact for markets); Support for portfolio analysis; reworking of investment ideas for more commercial purposes, aimed at non-institutional clientele; market pointers and strategies to employ; growing focus on ESG

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